Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Laundry Day

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: October 2006

Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons and Copic Markers

Comments: Well, this is a drawing that I have been working on for a while. Itís not my oldest sketch, but itís up there. Anyhoo, this is a thank you present for both Sarea Okelani and Elle Blessing, both of whom sent me some CDs in exchange for a drawing. Instead of drawing them each a picture, I drew them this one, and I am going to send them prints.

Iíve always found I get the weirdest ideas in my head when I go to Laundromats. I donít go to them very often (for yes, I took my clothes home with me, even when I lived 300km away) but this idea popped into my head when I did wander into one over a year ago: Draco and Ginny waiting in their oldest/oddest clothes for their clothes to be cleaned. Ginny is of course wearing her brideís maid dress from Ron and Hermioneís wedding (An idea I borrowed from Lallie), since she canít sanely wear it any other time than when she has nothing left to wear. Lol. I used many photo references, including a picture of David Bowie for Dracoís face position. I think this is my most Bowiest Draco yet. Yay! I am really happy with the colouring, even though it looks completely different from what I had initially intended.