Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Taking Aim

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: May 2006

Media: Ink and Pencil Crayons

Comments: I am really happy with how the colouring turned out (it feels great to use pencil crayons again), though not so happy with the drawing itself. I inked it about six months ago when I thought I had time to actually colour it, so I couldn't fix the things that I now realised were wrong. Ha. Anyhoo, this is Tonks and Lupin from my odd battle series. I honestly can't remember what their stories were anymore, except that they were together and that Lupin has werewolfy urges every now and then. Blah. Not quite sure why they are in a desert situation either... And is it just me, or does Tonk's face look like the face of Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy?? Bah.