Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Wands

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: June 2003

Media: Found Sticks and Shoe Polish

Comments: I rediscovered theses when I was cleaning my room and the basement. Back in gr11 I was sitting about outside school and I saw a stick that looked like it would make a perfect wand, so I took it home, cleaned it up and turned it into one. My sister and The Ape were both into HP at the time, so I ended up making them wands as well. The one on the left was the first one that I made for my sister, but she didn't like it so I made her the one beside it. She broke it in half somehow, but I never got around to making her another one. The one on the right is my wand, which I adore. Since The Ape is no longer speaking to us, I couldn't get a picture of her wand as well. I wonder if she still has it...