Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: God dammit! She’s not dead yet!

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: August 2005

Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons, and Copic Markers

Comments: Well, I drew this back in April, and finally got around to colouring it. The sad part, I have about 30 other sketches after this one. ~hangs head in shame~ Anyhoo, onto this picy. Of course it is Draco and Ginny, though as to what is happening is up to you. Tulz was talking about necrophilia, but I am thinking it’s war time battles. ~shurg~ What do you think??

But yes, I had a mag ad that I have wanted to draw for an oober long time, so one night I just drew it. I am not very happy with Ginny’s body, or with Draco’s right eye, but I inked it a few months back and couldn’t fix anything anymore. ~grumble~ I am in love with the skin and hair though. I am actually rather sad that I didn’t do the whole piece with pencil crayons, since they seem to have given the skin such nice texture, and the copic seems so flat in comparison. ~sigh~ I am rather fond of the background, though the ad I copied it off was much darker. And just so you know, the scan is crap. So yah.