Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: This Game has Gone to the Dogs

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: April 2005

Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons, and Copic Markers

Comments: Well, there was this oober cute add in one of my magazines with Ellen DeGeneres playing cards with this dog and I just had to draw it. So it turned into this pic of Tonks and Sirius playing cards, and not getting along very well. It was originally supposed to be in the Blackís house, but it looks too cheerful, so I donít know where they are. Anyhoo, it turned out nothing like I intended. Too many colours, not enough patterns, and the angles are all wrong. Oh well. Donít really like it, but Iíll put it up because the markers gave me a headache, and I might as well make something of my headache. Blah.

Oh, and I suppose you could say itís a play on this earlier piece, which I did back in the beginning of 2003: Lily Scolding Sirius