Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Learn to be Lonely

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: March 2005

Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons, and Copic Markers

Comments: Well, this turned out half the way that I wanted it to. It’s supposed to be Snape from the side so I had an excuse to properly draw his profile (because I doodle it a lot in class), but he doesn’t really look like Snape anymore. I think he looks more like Wolverine, or a screwed up Chad Kroeger or something. Bah. Anyhoo, based off an image from the Three Days Grace CD booklet. ~shrug~ I was planning to write the lyrics in for “Learn to be Lonely” from the end of the PotO soundtrack, but once I did the sketch I realized it wouldn’t look right. So, I think it stays as it is and I will just use it for the title. Regardless of all else I am very proud of the pallet I used because it is so different from everything else I usually do. Now if only I could get a pallet like this in some of my paintings to please my prof… Anyhoo, what do you think?

Oh, the reason the corner looks so funky is that a few of my markers died, so I didn’t have enough ink in the right colours to finish it. ~sob~