Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Defender

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: March 2005

Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons, and Copic Markers

Comments: Well, this is the third part of that odd AU series I have been drawing (You can find the first one here). And no, you did not miss the second, it just burned and died in my sketchbook and I have yet to revive it. Anyhoo, here is Pansy and Neville. And no, I have not succumbed to the brown-haired!Pansy fans, I still think that Pansy is a blonde, just not a natural one, and in this world they donít have hair dye yet. The colour scheme is a far cry from what I originally intended, but I think it works. Not very happy with Nevilleís head either, but oh well. Tried a different pallet for their skin tones this time, and I am really enjoying how Pansy turned out.

-Pansy: Daughter of a prominent and wealthy family who was disowned for not revealing who the father of her child is. She was sent out and now depends on Neville for protection from the people who want her dead. She has never told anyone who the father is, claiming that it could jeopardize the childís wellbeing if the wrong people find out. Some people suspect that it is Neville, and for his part he has never agreed yet at the same time he has never denied the claims either.
-Neville: One of the few members of this world who can wield magic. He is a very powerful mage who is predicted to one day replace Dumbledore when the man retires. Until that time however, he travels the land searching for different schools and ideologies on magic, hoping to gain more power and knowledge. During his travels he came across Pansy and has since dedicated his life to protecting her and her child, though he has never specified why.