Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: AoP13

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: January 2005

Media: Pencil

Comments: Well, Gin Chan, Lallie, Stuggie and I went to go see ďAssault on Precinct 13Ē (fondly dubbed AoP13). It was awful, and we were awful for laughing at inappropriate times. Which leads me to the explanation for this picture: in the movie the bad guys are trying to kill everyone in the building, and they get in and try to kill the useless woman. She gets rescued by two of the convicts, who beat the guy to death with a bat and a samurai sword. It was suppose to be all tragic because the useless woman was being exposed to the horror of the death, but it didnít really come across that way and the four of us couldnít stop laughing. After the movie we all decided that that scene was perfect for Ron and Harry to attack Voldemort, leaving Hermione in the corner, counting as the useless woman did. So here it is. Itís very quickly drawn, but I think I might just resolve and colour it somewhere down the line. =p Now I just have to draw the Borg invasion and Captain Lionfish. Lol!