Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: Don't Leave Me...

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: January 2005

Media: Copic Markers

Comments: Well, this turned out a lot different than I initially planned. I had this magazine ad that I really liked and I was going to draw it. It was supposed to be Lucius and Narcissa first, but I decided Draco and Ginny were funner. Then they were supposed to be dressed in fancy robes, but Dracoís looked more like battle robes and Ginny ended up naked. O_o Yah, I donít get it either.

So yes, it was very fun to do, my first pic ever with nudity in it. (gasp of all gasps) I only used three markers on the whole thing, because I love to limit my pallet. Except the fumes got to me, and my brain didnít like the lack of colour and started to hurt. Oh well. And yes, I know Dracoís nose is huge. I like big noses but even I think this one is too big. I have no idea what went wrong there...